I Wanna Go Fast !!!

707 horsepower.  Chrysler calls the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT with optional Hellcat engine “the most powerful muscle car ever”.  It’s so bad, Dodge engineers had to punch out a headlight to funnel more air under the hood.  With the Hellcat, Chrysler has a model to compete with Ford’s Mustang Shelby GT500 (662 hp), and GM’s Camaro ZL1 (580 hp).  By comparison, Honda’s Accord V-6 produces a completely adequate 278 hp, and Toyota’s Prius whines out a smug 134 hp.

All of which got me t...

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Independence Day Hurricane Deja Vu

Exactly 18 years ago, my family's summer vacation on North Carolina's Outer Banks was cut short by Hurricane Bertha.  The Weather Channel was in its infancy and online storm tracking maps did not exist, but I had seen enough tropical storms to recognize the impending mandatory evacuation.  We bailed out a half-day early and got across the bridge before the traffic jam.  Outer Bankers are nice folks, and our mom & pop motel did not charge us for the remainder of our reserved week.


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