What Comes Next?

The damage is done.  The winds have calmed and the waters have receded.  The modeling firms rushed to be the first and loudest with their damage estimates.  Adjusters are writing checks, and reinsurers are measuring the dents in their balance sheets.  The financial impact could have been worse, for sure, but the 2017 hurricane season will be bad enough.  Now what happens?

Immediate post-hurricane is something of an uncertain time for underwriters, product managers and strategists.  The claims…

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How GOOD Is Your Data?

Your reinsurers want to know.   And so does your board of directors, if they were paying attention to John DeMartini’s excellent presentation at last week’s NAMIC Convention.

Mr. DeMartini, Executive Vice President of JLT Re, didn’t ask how MUCH data you have, or how MANY records in your dataset.  More is always better than less, but there’s only so much an insurer can do about sample size.  He didn’t ask how smart your analysts are, or how many variables are in your GLM, or how colorful your…

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