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For over 35 years, Michael Cronin has helped Property and Casualty insurers…

Find and Create Competitive Advantage

+ Profound Understanding of Market Position
+ Customer Segmentation
+ Refining the Value Proposition

Improve the skills of individual employees

+ Classroom training – Product Management Academy
+ Customized Workshops
+ Individualized Training, Coaching, Mentoring.

Solve Sticky Problems and Find New Opportunities

+ Deep Dive and Custom Research

Strengthen organizational competencies for product management and underwriting

+ Data and Reporting infrastructure
+ Robust Performance Measures
+ Individual Accountability
+ Transparency and Teamwork

Develop and Maintain Profitable Products

+ Rate Reviews
+ New Products, New Lines, New Markets
+ Fixing Leaky Processes
+ Customizing ISO- or Bureau-based Products.

Michael Cronin Today

In 2021, Michael Cronin joined Integrated Specialty Coverages as Senior Vice President of Product Management.  ISC manages P&C insurance programs covering hard-to-place specialty risks in construction, transportation, property and hospitality.

Michael oversees product development and product management for all lines and works with experienced underwriters possessing profound specialized knowledge in the various lines of business.

Michael no longer accepts consulting engagements, but continues to teach a few sessions of the highly regarded Product Management Academy each year.  Refer to the Training Programs page for the current schedule of PM Academy classes.


“Excellent instructor that kept everyone engaged despite varying levels of knowledge and background.  I walked away with clear understanding I can use every day.”

“Current and aspiring PMs, insurance professionals, and fellow data scientists looking to boost their domain knowledge would all be well-served to attend the PM Academy.”

“Absolutely would recommend this course to others.  Mike is an excellent presenter and engaging speaker and really knows the subject.”

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